In letters and website postings, the previous owner of this website claimed that he had been targeted by a number of prominent American and Canadian Jews, who he collectively named "The WHARRRF Group of Seven".

WHARRRF supposedly consisted of:

"Mike Wallace,
Don Hewitt,
Irving Abella,
F. David Radler,
Steven Rambam,
Moshe Ronen, and
Bernie Farber".

The previous owner of this site claimed "...the WHARRRF Group of Seven...has an interest in suppressing - by means of the Rambam litigation in Los Angeles, and Canadian Human Rights Commission litigation in Ottawa ...Lubomyr Prytulak discussions...".

After having reviewed the background and public activities of these seven individuals we, the new owners of this site, state that we firmly support all known activities of the WHARRRF-ers, and we seize this website in support of WHARRRF's anti-Nazi and anti-hate goals.

We intend to eventually sell this website and it's domain name to the highest bidder in order to assist in the funding of activities which aggressively assist in bringing to justice the many Nazi war criminals remaining in Canada. Special attention will be given to assisting in the investigation of accused Eastern European Nazi collaborators.

(An unfortunately necessary note to some previous viewers of this webpage, who are likely viewing the changed UKAR website with horror: there is no "WHARRRF Group of Seven", there is no conspiracy to use Kosher food as "a secret Jewish tax" and, sadly, there was a Holocaust and many of it's perpetrators are still living throughout Canada.

And, just an FYI to that same small group of previous viewers: prosecution and the seizure of your assets is a small part of can be expected to happen when you harass the wrong Jews...and, be warned, it is no longer the 1940s and these days there are very few "right" Jews to harass.)



(To properly set the mood for the viewing of this webpage, you are listening to a sound file of "Hatikvah", the national anthem of the State of Israel.)