This website has been seized by a combined effort of the "Friends of WHARRRF"(**) and the friends and colleagues of Steven Rambam.

Details of the seizure, various court files, our reward program for assistance in seizing additional assets of certain debtors and other relevant information will be posted here within the next 10 days.

This website will be constantly updated with information on how the public can assist in the fight against anti-semitism, against hate speech and in the pursuit of Nazi collaborators and war criminals currently hiding in Canada.

You, too, can be a "Friend of WHARRRF".


(To properly set the mood for the viewing of this webpage, you are listening to a sound file of "Hatikvah", the national anthem of the State of Israel.)

**There is no such entity as "WHARRRF".  It was a figment of the previous website owner's imagination, but it entertains us to borrow the name.